Villa Rebekah Resort

At Villa Rebekah Resort, you will enjoy the place itself. It is packed with trees and gardens. Birds presence are there to remind you of a life in a barrio. Parking is fenced and wide so you don’t have to worry on your vehicles. Since our Resort is not a beach front, but you can be there all day, swim or simply watch the natural beauty of the scenery (access to the beach is right infront of our Resort .Just cross the road that divide us and you are there). After sunset, if you still wish to continue swimming , we have the swimming pool which is open until 12:00 midnight. Boring? Not at all! Because we have sound system installed right beside the swimming pool. Listen to your favorite songs such as; rnb, pop , rock or jazz music while swimming or chatting with your group. Not only that! We also have “live band” going on in the restaurant. With large stage, large dance floor, and innovative lights and sounds, judge for yourself!Yes…dance the night away, sing through videoke, or jam with the band. Band starts at 9:00 pm till 3:00 am. Cultural dancers are there too to entertain you. On sports, choose what to play. We have billiard table,dart board,badminton court , basketball court and volleyball court at the beach. Regarding food, you can bring and cook it here. Griller is free. Buying for your necessities, the market is just few meters away from Villa Rebekah Resort.Experience what is going to be at Villa Rebekah Resort.


·        Rooms with aircon, cable TV and adjacent veranda.
·        Swimming pool w/ falls
·        Function Hall “open type”
·        Gazebos, Picnic tables
·        Lawn packed with plants and trees.
·        Wide parking area
·        Centralized music
·        Open air type, wide and cozy
·        Built with big stage and dance floor
·        Live band on Wed.,Thurs.,Fri.,and Sat.
·        Videoke – sing and enjoy the sound and music.
·        A family entertainment restaurant
·        Black fine sand
·        Sunset view
·        Just step away, cross the road and you are there.
·        Boating (by arrangement or appointment)
·        Billiard, Dart, Badminton, Basketball (halfcourt)


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Apacible Blvd., Nasugbu, Batangas
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0917 896 5212
0942 259 0255
0933-459 5119