Tali Beach Resort


For the past twelve years, Jo & Johnny have been entertaining their close friends and family at their home at Tali Beach in Batangas. The beauty and relaxed atmosphere of the area, not to mention the excellent diving in the offshore waters, provides an ideal weekend – or midweek – escape from the bustle of Manila.

Now you too can enjoy the tranquility of a “home away from home” at Jo and Johnny’s Beach and Dive Inn. We have 2 Full-Service Suites, 1 Cabana, and a Budget Room that can accommodate maximum of 4 persons each.

In addition, they have opened up additional rooms in the Main House namely the Guest Room located on the ground floor, the Connecting Bedrooms on the Second Floor and the Loft. The rooms in the Main house can accommodate a maximum of two persons each while the Loft can hold a total of four persons.

For those seeking relaxation, you can idle away your time relaxing on the beach. For the dedicated diver and the more adventurous you have the opportunity to explore the many fascinating dive sites nearby – without competing with the crowds.


  • outside shower
  • laundry area
  • swimming pool
  • Cleaning tanks
  • living room area
  • Master Bathroom



Type of               Weekdays & Weekends           Additional Charge for the Fifth Person
Unit                      APARTMENT UNITS                in the Upper & Lower Suite

Upper Suite            Php 5,000.00                          Php 500.00 /per night
Lower Suite            Php 4,750.00                          Php 500.00 /per night
Manta Room          Php 4,000.00                          Php 500.00 /per night
Sting Ray Room   Php 4,000.00                          Php 500.00 /per night
Seashell Room      Php 3,500.00                           not allowed
Pebble Room        Php 3,000.00                           not allowed

FOOD PACKAGE Adults            Kids (Below 12 years)
BREAKFAST               Php 350.00     Php 200.00
LUNCH                         Php 450.00     Php 300.00
DINNER                       Php 450.00     Php 300.00

How to Get There

1. Coming From Quezon City, Manila and/ or Makati City, take the South Super Highway going South and Exit at Santa Rosa in the direction of Tagaytay.
2. Upon reaching Tagaytay proceed on the road leading towards Nasugbu, Batangas. At approximately KM 92 you will be making a right turn in the direction of Nasugbu. About 5 km from there you will be passing by the sugar central and at the end of this road you will be turning right heading towards the town proper of Nasugbu.
3. You will go through Nasugbu on the main road which will take you to Wawa and at the end of the road in Wawa you will make a right towards Tali Beach. You will pass the developments of Kawayan Cove, Terrazas, the Ridge and then you will come to a fork on the road where you will see the white wall and guardhouse of Tali.

Contact Tali Beach Resort

Email :
elsie_c_pascual@ yahoo.com

Phone :
(+632) 807-7031 , (+632) 807-3416 , (+63922) 854-4553 , (+63920) 952-9536 , (+63918) 908-5049

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