Les Caraibes Beach Resort


Les Caraibes Beach Resort has everything you need and will give you what you need in a fun, relaxing and enjoyable vacation. Les Caraibes Beach Resort offers a variety of amenities that can make your stay more productive and fun. From relaxing to doing exhilirating sports, the resort allows each and every guest to enable Rest, Relaxation and Recreation to the fullest.


  • Beach Volleyball
  • Boating
  • Kayaking
  • Massage
  • Dining Area
  • Picnic Table
  • Multi-purpose Stage
  • Bar Lounge


The Big Cottage
Can accomodate 6 people. With airconditioning, inside are 3 queen-sized beds, furnished with a big closet and a dresser, and it has its own bathroom with water heater. It even has a ramp for the convenience of the disabled.

The Clusters
There are 4 bamboo double deck beds, allowing a maximum of 8 people to fit comfortably inside. Airconditioned, furnished with a closet and dresser, and have its own bathroom with water heater.

The Kubos
Have a nicer view of the sea, plus a spacious veranda that is perfect for the whole group. One exciting feature of the Kubo is that it has its own kitchenette, complete with a gas range, sink, cooking ware, and an open dining area. Per kubo, 4 people can fit inside. Guests can choose between an airconditioned and a non-airconditioned Kubo. The communal comfort rooms and bathrooms are just right beside it.

How to Get There

1. Coming from Manila, take South Luzon Express Way. Go straight until the end, and enter STAR Toll Way. The drive along STAR Toll Way is approximately 20min. until you reach the Lipa(Tambo) Exit. 
2. Upon exiting, turn right (that is already C.M. Recto Avenue) and head for Lipa City. You will pass by La Salle Lipa University and Robinson’s on your left. When you see Mercury Drugstore, turn right , that is P.Torres St. Drive for about 8.5km until you see Magnum Opus School (on your right).
3. Enter the small street to the left (there’s a Rotary Club Logo). Go straight and you will pass by the Public Market before making a right at the corner of Lhuiller Pawnshop. Drive for about 4.5km and you will merge with the street coming from Rosario Town.
4. Just go straight and this road will lead to San Juan Town Proper (approximately 19km). Note: Do not enter the Batangas Racing Circuit. When you reach San Juan, after the Municipal Hall, turn right at the Police Station. This is the main road of Laiya already. This stretch will take for about 30min. You will pass by Virgin Beach and Blue Coral. The road will bend left, then bend right shortly until you come across a diverging road.
5. Take left (opposite of the direction of Palm Beach and LaLuz)…and WELCOME TO LES CARAIBES BEACH RESORT!

Contact Les Caraibes Beach Resort

For reservations or any other concerns, here are our contact details:

Mobile: +63920 970 6985
Email: les_caraibes@yahoo.com

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