Leonor Beach Resort


Leonor Beach Resort is noted for its black sand beach, comfortable and affordable accommodations and amenities comparable to that of other establishments found elsewhere in the country.

Its entrance gate marks the warmly welcoming start of your vacation. You can choose to stay in spacious and luxurious air-conditioned cottages which go by the names of Casa de Leonor, Casa de Royale, Casa de Rosa, Villa Leonor and a lot more. Aside from these rooms, Leonor also takes pride in its native huts set close to the seashore, and placed far apart from each other to ensure freedom of movement among its guests.

Enjoy a breathtaking view from the hanging pavilion which is a great venue for parties, conferences, seminars or even just for personal meditation. Leonor also boasts of its first class and beautifully landscaped swimming pools overlooking the Balayan Bay.

Weary city-dwellers will find staying in Leonor a welcome respite from the harried place and rat-race which typify city life. Lulled by the cool sea breeze, the fresh clean air and the invigorating scenery, vacationers and weekenders will be truly refreshed, ready to face another hectic week ahead of them.


  • Aircon suites
  • Breezy native cottages
  • Nipa huts by the shore
  • Swimming pools
  • Restaurant
  • Convenience stores
  • Spacious parking lots
  • Sports
  • Entertainment (during summer seasons
  • Boating trips
  • Public announcement system


Villa Leonor
9 Air conditioned rooms (8 persons allowed capacity/room),  2 king size beds with bathroom, lavatory inside the room, wide terrace with tables & chairs, with Pavilion Hall

Ilang -Ilang
2 Fan ventilated rooms (4 persons allowed capacity/room), 1 king size bed with bathroom/room, lavatory outside

2 Fan ventilated rooms, 2 king size beds with bathroom 8 persons allowed capacity/rm, lavatory outside, 3 king size beds with bathroom 12 persons allowed capacity/rm, lavatory outside

2 rooms (2 persons/room), 1 king size bed, bathroom & lavatory inside

Casa Royal
3 rooms (6 persons allowed capacity / room), 2 queen size bed, bathroom & lavatory inside

Casa Leonor
2 rooms (8 persons allowed capacity / room), 2 king size bed, bathroom & lavatory inside

Pavillion Room
2 rooms (8 persons allowed capacity / room), 2 king size bed with bathroom, lavatory outside

Casa de Rosa
2 rooms (10 persons allowed capacity / room), native styled cottage, 2 king size beds & 1 double deck/ room, bathroom & lavatory inside the room

Rooms A-C (8 persons allowed capacity / room), Double deck, bathroom inside the room, Room D (12 persons allowed capacity/ room), two ( 2 ) double deck/room, bathroom inside the room

Picnic Huts
5 Anahaw kiosk ( 10 persons/kiosk), 1 Round table (10 persons/table), 1 Double table ( 15 persons/table), 16 Ordinary picnic huts (10 persons/table)

How to Get There

Contact Leonor Beach Resort

Phone No. (+63) 043-4112131
Telefax (+63) 043-4211150
Mobile No.: (+63) 0916-2600952
Email: leonorbeach@yahoo.com

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