Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort

Welcome to Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort, the tropical paradise within your reach. Experience white sand beaches and safe clear sea water. Enjoy a variety of fun activities and indulge in a natural setting that is both ideal for business and pleasure.

Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort lets you enjoy the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation. At this stunning beachfront resort in Laiya, Batangas, you are wrapped in pure holiday bliss.

The resort site is naturally endowed with white sandy beach resort, calm blue waters and rich marine life. With a tropical island ambiance, the resort is not just a vacation destination but also a place to combine business functions with leisure. It is a beach side venue that caters and provides spacious grounds and facilities with ambient scenery for family outings, corporate functions, team building and other special occasions. Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort

Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort currently has 4 types of Air conditioned rooms namely: ROOM A&B, ROOM C, ROOM D, ROOM E Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort

All rooms are furnished with Aircon, private bathrooms, cable TV, gas stove, grills and dinning table but ROOM C and ROOM E have no cable TV. Management has limited the capacity of each rooms to maintain the natural ambiance. Laiya Moonligh


  • Videoke Rent
  • Bangka Ride
  • Tattoo
  • Rooms
  • Cottages


Room C (Charlie)

Air conditioned. Good for 6 persons. 1 bed room on the first floor with 1 queen size double deck & 1 queen size bed.  Private CR & dinning table with Veranda. Room 7 Moonlight Beach Resort

Free use of Gastove, Refregerator and ihawan. NO Television

Room A and B (Alpha & Bravo)

Airconditioned. Good for 16 persons. 2 Bedroom on the second floor. Each room have 2 queen size double deck. 2 rooms have total of 4 queen size double deck. Private CR, 2 Dinning tables at the Veranda.

Free use of Refrigerator, Gas Stove, TV Flat screen and ihawan.

Room D (Delta)

Air conditioned. Good for 10 persons. 1 bed room, with 2 queen size double deck & 1 extra mattress. Private CR & dinning table.
Free use of Refrigerator, Gas Stove, Television,1 ihawan.

Room E (Echo)

Air conditioned. Good for 5  persons. With 1 queen size bed and 1 single extra mattress. With private CR and dinning table. FREE use of gas stove, refrigerator and ihawan

Contact Laiya Moonlight Beach Resort

Sitio Balakbakan, Brgy. Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas
Contact Person:
Ms. Manilyn de Torres
Mr. Gerwin De Torres
Telephone Numbers:
Mobile Phone Numbers:
Smart – 09202215493
Globe – 09166719833
Sun – 09236556059