Laiya Coco Grove Resort


The Laiya Coco Grove Resort Complex is located within a well-preserved terrestrial environment. The western side is surrounded by a mountain range with peaks in excess of 600 meters, dominated by Mt. Daguldol at 705 meters.

Following the Laiya River to the Dao River, trekkers will encounter first and second growth jungle. Bird life can be observed. In addition, there is a fruit bat roost and a small waterfall. The vistas from elevated vantage points take in the expanse of the Verde Island Passage. Trails are 10 to 14 kilometers long. With advance notice, guided hiking hours can be arranged.

Beach excursions – There are a number of secluded coves sheltered by sheer cliffs which are only accessible by boat. Snorkeling and shallow scuba diving is rewarding along Sigayan Bay’s eastern shoreline.

Near-shore bottom fishing may result in groupers (Lapu-lapu) and snappers being caught. Trawling the outer reaches of the Sigayan Bay particularly near the fish- gathering “payaws”, can be productive. On a regular basis, sports fishermen have been catching Dorado (Mahi-mahi) ranging from 1 to 6 kilos. Small tuna (Tulingan), Spanish Mackerel (Tangingue), Skipjack (Talakitok), and Sailfish (Malasugi), have also been caught.


  • Swimming pool
  • Mask, Fins, and Snorkels
  • Ocean Kayaks and Pedal Boats
  • Golf Course Irrigation Lake
  • Aquatic/Marine Sports
  • Sailing
  • Nature Park
  • Playing Field


Tree Houses

Laiya Coco Grove has 7 Tree Houses with a total of 9 bedrooms. Tree House No. 4 has an air-conditioned living room with two daybeds. A total of 36 guests based on 4-guests-per-room can sleep comfortably on the tree houses. Laiya Coco Grove’s tree houses are truly unique accommodations. Each tree house is one of a kind since the design considers the structure of the tree hosting the house. All units are air-conditioned with their own toilets and showers. Each tree house has a covered patio provided with chairs and tables.

Pool Side Cottages
Pool Side Cottages are equipped with either 2 queen-size or 4 single beds for a total of 40 guests. These spacious rooms accommodate 4 to 6 guests, particularly if 2 of them are the younger members of the family.

Bahay Kubo
There is a big air-conditioned Bahay Kubo which sleep more than 20 persons dormitory style. The kubo has 4 toilets, baths and lockers.

How to Get There

Private transport

1. From Metro Manila, go via the South Luzon Expressway (SLE) going towards Santo Tomas, Batangas. About 7 kms. after the end of the SLE approaching Santo Tomas, you will see to the right – a clearly marked is a green sign to Batangas. Turn right – this road is the Star Expressway, a 20-km. stretch ending in Lipa City. Be careful as the terminal right-hand curve suddenly becomes a two-way road. At the end of the Star tollgate at the National Highway, follow the sign – turn right towards Lipa City proper.

2. Approaching Lipa City, you will see in the distance, a McDonald’s at a “Y” junction – bear right to the main road through Lipa City. You will see the Lipa Cathedral dome in the distance to the right of the road. To the left of the road, you’ll see a Jollibee sign. Just before the sign, a cross junction, turn right on P. Torres Street. One kilometer or so on your right is a Total Gas Station, a good place to stop, as the facilities are clean.

3. Proceed on the National Road to Padre Garcia. At the Padre Garcia junction, bear right towards Rosario. If you miss it, you will enter Padre Garcia proper – – – retrace. In Rosario, at a cross junction, turn left on the main road, Gualberto Avenue. You are now going through Rosario – just keep on the main road and you’ll end up in San Juan, about 25 kms. Entering the municipality of San Juan is clearly marked. Proceed till you see the Municipal Park on your left and the Municipal Government Building on your right. At the very corner of the Municipal Building, turn right. You are on your last leg to Laiya, just keep on the main road – all hard surface – except for the last 1 km. which is good gravel road to the Laiya Coco Grove Resort Complex.

Total travel time – easy driving – is 2-1/2 plus hours.

Public Transport

1. Board a southbound Lucena Bus from Makati City at Buenda Avenue, before it turns to South Superhighway. Fare – P120 (air-conditioned bus).
2. At Candelaria, tell the bus conductor to stop at Sambat to San Juan.
3. At Sambat, jeepneys are lined up to go to San Juan. Fare – P12. The jeepney will proceed to the San Juan Public Market terminal across Manalo’s Mini Mart. Laiya jeepneys are there – they all know Laiya Coco Grove. First trip is 11 A.M ; last trip is 6 P.M. Departure depends upon the jeepney passenger load. Fare – P18.

Contact Laiya Coco Grove Resort

Tel. No. (043) 969-93702722
Makati Office Tel. Nos. (63-2) 894-1057 ; 892-6009
Fax No. (63-2) 894-1058

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