La Virginia Hotel & Resort


Set in 6 hectares of secluded grounds yet only 2 hours from downtown Metro Manila, La Virginia offers one of the largest privately-owned natural getaways in Batangas, with the clean elegance of Philippine and modern architecture. A getaway from life’s pressures in the healing tranquility of an environment that truly feels “away from it all”. If you have ever spent time at a tropical plantation, you know what we mean. If not, come and discover a refreshingly different experience.

The resort boasts of several attractions that will surely keep you busy the whole day. Our infinity pool, picnic tree house, hanging bridge, pagoda, chapel and many more, all within walking distance in the resort, will definitely bring lots of fun to both young and old folks alike. Enjoy all these attractions with a scenic backdrop view of the Taal Lake and the many colorful flora all around the resort.


  • Cottages
  • Infinity Pool
  • Dolphin Kiddie Pool
  • Frog Kiddie Pool
  • Air-conditioned Rooms
  • Club House
  • Function Hall
  • Convention Hall
  • Multi-Purpose Hall
  • Restaurant
  • Chapel
  • Pavilion



Pagoda House
Our Pagoda is suitable for mid sized groups of 20-35 people and those wanting additional exclusivity and privacy. The pagoda is a four storey structure complete with living room, bar, 2 toilets and showers, sleeping areas (3) The 2nd, 3rd and 4th floor are fully air-conditioned. Satellite TV is also provided. On top of that, you have a private pool.

Ifugao House
Designed by Ifugao craftsmen, our Ifugao houses can make you truly appreciate the ambience of a mountain resort. Each house has 2 bedrooms and a living room, and a patio facing the Taal Lake. Each house can accommodate 4 people. The perfect getaway for couples as well as families wishing to unwind from a stressful urban work week.

Lalen Guest House
This is ideal for small groups of 5-8 people. It has its own toilet and bath facilities. It is fully air-conditioned and has satellite TV facilities. Perfect for small families. Its close proximity to the infinity pool makes it a perfect accommodation venue.

Bebeng Guest House
This is ideal for groups of 8-10 people. It has its own toilet and bath facilities. It is fully air-conditioned and has satellite TV facilities. It also has its own living room, cooking and washing area. Like the Lalen cottage, it is very close to the infinity pool area.

Bamboo House
Made from native and natural plant materials, the Bamboo house provides a truly aesthetic feel of Philippine rural living but with the comforts of home. The Bamboo house is perfect for a couple or for families.

Twin Guest Room
For the more budget conscious, we have 16 units twin guest rooms that can comfortably accommodate 2 up to 4 people in each room provided there is a extra mattress for a extra charge. Each room is fully air-conditioned, has its own toilet and shower room and has satellite TV. Most of the rooms also have a good view of Taal Lake and surrounding mountains.

One of the Towers of La Virginia Resort because it’s one of the Highest places in the area, so you can expect to have one of the most finest views of Taal Lake. The Octagon House is a very relaxing accommodation, perfect for 6 persons.

Top Room
The Top room is also one of the towers of La Virginia Resort and it also has a great view of Taal lake. The Top Room is located just above the Admin Office near the front gate, perfect for small groups of 5 persons.


Hot House Big and Small
For smaller group functions of 10 to 20 persons, the Hut House will definitely be a great place to hold your activity while you enjoy the fresh clean breeze of the mountain while enjoying the magnificent view of the Taal Lake.

Nipa Huts
For day trippers, our Nipa Huts will be perfect for those afternoon snooze while family and friends are enjoying the many attractions in the resort. A great venue to relax and share those bonding sessions with your family.

Golden Coconut Cabanas
Our Golden Coconut Cabanas is one of our most finest Picnic facility in La Virginia Hotel And Resort. Its the nearest accommodation to the Infinity Pool and It has a Fantastic and relaxing view of Taal Lake. Perfect for daytrips with family and friends.

Casita, meaning small house. Casita is not actually a house but a very comfortable and relaxing cottage. It has a front view of Taal lake and has a cool breeze to make you forget all your worries. It may not be literally a house but you will fit in here just like home.

This Picnic Facility is located in the heart of La Virginia Hotel and Resort. It may not be that near at the swimming pools, but it lets you be more in touch with mother nature. perfect for small groups of 4 to 6 persons.

Tree House (Buttom)
This Picnic facility is at the bottom of the Tree House and right beside the Hut Houses. A relaxing spot with a wonderful view of Taal Volcano. Can accomodate small groups of 6 to 10 persons.

Cottage Near Clubhouse
This Picnic facility is perfect for small group gatherings of 9 to 12persons. A great place to relax and have fun with your friends and families. This Picnic facility is located near the Clubhouse and the Frog Kiddie Pool.

Cottage near Bebeng
If you want a relaxing spot in La Virginia Resort, the cottage near the Bebeng Guest House is the place to be. A relaxing breeze and the fantastic view of Taal Volcano is right in front of you as if it’s in the palm of your hands. This Picnic facility can accommodate at least 9 to 14 persons.

Our Gazebo is also a mini pavilion like structure that is near our Dolphin Kiddie Pool. It can accommodate at least 8 to 10 persons, perfect for picnics and small group and family gatherings. It also has a perfect spot for relaxing.

Ifugao Hut
If you want to go to Baguio and don’t have the time to do so, visit the Ifugao Village in La Virginia Hotel and Resort, where you can see the native Ifugao Huts of the Igorots. If you want to experience their home this Cottage is perfect for you. An extra ordinary experience is within this cottage and it can accommodate at least 2 to 5 persons.

Cottage near Frog Pool
This cottage is perfect for family with kids to hang out with because its right beside our Frog kiddie Pool. With a refreshing scenery, this Cottage also has one the best views of Taal Lake.

Tent Style (near Adam & Eve)
With a fresh and cool surrounding, this tent is perfect for relaxation. Within the heart of the resort, you are sure to experience the unique Ecology park only La Virginia Hotel and Resort has.

Fruity Cottages
If you want to have an extraordinary experience, these fruity cottages is the place to be. These Apple and “ATIS” cottage is very unique and can only be seen in La Virginia Hotel and Resort. Just a walk away within the cabana hut area, these picnic huts are surrounded by nature.

How to Get There

From Lipa City – take the National Highway and travel to the Fernando Airbase. Turn tight at the Municipality of Mataasnakahoy (Highwoods) and follow our road signs.

• From Batangas City – take the Star Toll Highway and enter the Batangas Exit. Then exit at Lipa Exit turn left take the National Highway and travel to the Fernando Airbase. Turn tight at the Municipality of Mataasnakahoy (Highwoods) and follow our road signs.

• From Manila via SLEX – Take the South Luzon Expressway travel all the way to Calamba exit and take the Calamba Star Toll Link Road. Travel all the way to STAR Tollway. Exit at the Lipa Exit of the Star Tollway(around 20km from the Star Tollway entrance).   At the Lipa Exit, turn left, then take the National Highway and travel to the Fernando Airbase. Turn right at the Municipality of Mataasnakahoy (Highwoods) and follow our road signs.

Contact La Virginia Hotel & Resort

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(043) 703-2145
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