La Luz Beach Resort


La Luz Resort. La Luz is a small resort on a property that has been privately owned for over 30 years and was recently opened to the public. The resort was only meant to be a hide away for a family of 13 children and hence the many rooms and a large pavilion. Guests normally are surprised that the cottages could be easily filled with just the immediate family alone.


  • Massage
  • Snorkeling
  • Boating
  • Kayak
  • Diving
  • Volleyball
  • Hiking
  • Bonfire
  • Board Games


Standard Rooms
The Standard room was built for only 4 persons but management allows up to 6 persons in the room to accommodate families and “barkadas.” The maximum occupancy of 6 persons is achieved by having 2 persons sleep in each of the 3 beds.

Junior Premier Rooms
This room is practical for couples. Also, this room is also great for disabled or elderly because these are the only rooms that can be accessed without going through any steps. The room is located at the first Building as you enter called the Ipil Cottage.

Premier and Premier Loft Rooms
The room was designed for only 4 people, but the resort allows up to 6 persons maximum. This is achieved by sleeping 2 people on each of the 3 beds. The premier room is equipped with a Kolin BMW series air-conditioner. The bathroom is a spacious 8 square meters.

Premier Loft Rooms
There a total of 10 Premier Loft Rooms. The Premier and Premier Loft Rooms are exactly the same except for the additional loft, that is about 10 square meters in size and furnished with 3 beds. The 3 beds on the loft area are 42 inches wide (semi-double).

Annex Rooms
There are a total of 8 Annex rooms, which are located in our day trip area. The size of each room is 24 square meters, which includes the bathroom and balcony. There are also 2 semi double beds that are 42 inches wide. Management allows up to 4 people per room

How to Get There

1.Take South Super Highway (SLEX) up to STAR toll way. The 2 highways are now connected near Calamba. Please do not exit the highway and stay on until the SLEX turns into the STAR highway.
2.Drive 45 kilometers on the Star Toll way (STAR) and take the San Jose-Ibaan Exit (after the Lipa exit). After exiting, turn left and drive 2.5 kilometers. You will reach an intersection with a sign pointing to Rosario, at this point please turn left at this intersection. After turning left, the Municipal Hall of Ibaan will be on your right while a church will be on your left. After passing the church on your left you will reach a forked road. Turn right at the road sign pointing to San Juan. Drive 8 kilometers along this road to Rosario town proper.
3. Upon reaching the Rosario town proper, there is a Jollibee outlet at your left. Drive past the Jollibee Rosario outlet and the South Star drug store outlet. This road leads all the way to San Juan town proper, which is approximately 23 kilometers away. You will pass a sign for the Batangas Racing Circuit along the way. Please veer left at this point. There is a new gasoline station being built.
4.Once in the town of San Juan, make a right after the Municipal Hall. You will see a Petron Gasoline Station, a Frank’s burger Stall and a Dunkin Donut Store right before the Municipal Hall. This road, will take you to the barrio of Hugom. The total distance from the Municipal Hall is about 24 kilometers and the last 500 meters is rough road. Please follow the road until you see signs for the Resort. You will have to go up a couple of hills towards the end of the trip and you will see a big entrance to your left. The drive is approximately 30 minutes.

Contact La Luz Beach Resort

+632 726-6687
Local 113
+632 726-4977
Local 106
+632 726-7445
Local 103
+632 727-7032
Local 109
Local 110

+632 748-8196


+63 (927) 993-8417
+63 (916) 394-4367
+63 (927) 777-7779
Office hours
9:00 to 6:00 pm Monday to Saturday

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