L Caraz Beach Front Dimensione Dine-In


  • Beach Front 
  •  Restaurant 
  • Private House Rooms
  • Private Pool
  • Cottages
  • Grocery
  • Gift Shop
  • Snack Bar
  • Catering Sing Along 


2 3 4 bats

FAMILY UNIT 1 – 12 persons capacity
Php 5,000.00 

2 air-conditioned rooms w/ 2 double-size bed each, 2 T&B, TV set,
huge terrace, relax chairs, Sala & Dining sets, Kitchen, Lavatory.

FAMILY UNIT 2 – 12 persons capacity
Php 5,000.00 
2 air-conditioned rooms w/ double-size bed each, T&B, Kitchen,
sala set, huge terrace over looking the sea to serve as dining area

UNIT 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (charge per room) – 6 persons capacity  
air-conditioned room w/ double-size bed, small terrace, open cabinet, T&B at
lower level, TV set, kitchen, small sala to serve also as dining area, lavatory

MODERN NIPA UN ITS (charge per panel) -12 persons capacity 
2 non air-conditioned rooms with double-size bed each, electric fan, terrace
over looking the sea, table & benches, T&B, kitchen, lavatory, near the sea shore.

CANOPY COTTAGES- 20 persons capacity, (charge for Entire Area)
Php 2,000.00 

outside the resort premise, within the sea shore, small table with benches on
both sides, relax chairs/beds

NIPA TABLE – 6 persons capacity (charge per table)
Php 500.00 
outside the resort premise, w/n the sea shore, small table w/ benches on both sides.

FUNCTION ROOM – 80 to100 persons capacity per hour use
furnished with table & chairs, well lighted, sound system, comfort rooms,
suitable for company meeting, venue for special occasions

PRIVATE HOUSE with POOL – 20 persons capacity 
concrete construction, fully furnished (TV, ref, gas range, sala set, dining set,
2 big air-conditioned rooms, Air-conditioned attic, T&Bs, Private Pool, garage

CONDO STYLE UNIT within the Private Pool  8 persons capacity 
1 big air conditioned room with 2 double-beds, sala with TV, Kitchen w/ Ref
and cooking range, Toilet & Bathroom.

ROOMS (A / B / C) within the Private Pool – 4 persons capacity 
air-conditioned w/ double-size bed, TV set, dress cabinet, table & chairs, T&B

– Entrance Fee (pr person)—Php 30.00    Extra Mattress w/ bedding —–Php 200.00 
– Extra Pillow w/ case ——–Php 30.00    Use of Cooking Range ———Php 200.00 
– Extra Linen/Bed Sheet —–Php  50.00    Kitchen Utensil (per pc.)——-Php 50.00 
– Electric Charge for Hand carried Electric Appliances (Rice Cooker, etc.)--Php 200.00 

* for air-conditioned units, & modern nipa hut entrance will be collected in excess
of capacity
* For canopy cottages and nipa table, entrance fee for all guests will be collected
* lost of the above (other charges) will be charged in full amount
* damage done within the unit/cottage being rented will charged accordingly
Please ask from our authorized personnel for other charges not specified above

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