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Welcome to Batangas – the home of the world’s smallest volcano; the world’s center of center of marine biodiversity; and the home of the best coffee in the world! Batangas has everything to offer to the adventurous and nature-loving soul in you. From the top of Mount Maculot, down to the depth of the exotic dive sites along its beaches, everything is just breathtaking.

This website serves as your window to the beauty of Batangas. It showcases the natural beauty of the Province: the lushly green mountains and the panoramic view around them, the white sandy beaches, and the dive sites that presents an exhilarating world to everyone. It also features the famous hotels and restaurants where you may stay and relax as you enjoy the beauty of the place.

Whether you are planning a getaway for relaxation or just wanting to rest your eyes, then click on, come and enjoy the beauty of Batangas.